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What is time?

Give time time.

Time is on our side.

Time heals all wounds.

Time is an illusion.


hand lettering by Freehand Collective, "on & on"

Time is a concept that has me baffled lately. The timing of life and how we try to make it work in our favor when it’s really far beyond our control; it’s complex. Without getting totally lost in abstract thoughts, I’ve been trying to find a little clarity by just. being. very. present.

If your mind works anything like mine does, you’re generally ten steps ahead of yourself figuring out what the next move is going to be. While planning and preparing can be great, it also has you living with expectations for how the future will go. There is a balance to find, and I do believe that when you are proactively seeking answers, you’re raising your frequency to welcome new opportunities into your life. But, there is something to be said for being present in the moment you’re living right now. We often bemoan the past, or rather how it could have gone, but we have almost no control over that. We really have no control if we aren't fully absorbing the present moment, that will soon become your past. You see, this idea of time can get very hypothetical very quickly, but I’ve been taking a lot of comfort in the idea that I can affect my present moment. I can choose to take a breath and soak it in.

Sip your coffee and really taste it.

Listen to a friend and hear them so well that you can anticipate their next thoughts.

Make small goals that can be easily attained within a day, and celebrate when you reach them.

Sit alone and find great abundance in your own company.

Write a thank you note to each day - how did you become a better version of you today?

Care for someone else wholeheartedly and completely beyond your own recognition.

Time goes on & on with no concern for one or the other of us. It is something we cannot predict or anticipate or change, but we can revel in it. Each day, hour, and moment is a gift and when you start to look at it that way you will hold each of those moments in gratitude. Who knows, you just may find yourself happily in the present.

Be good out there, friends.


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