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If you're reading this on your phone - STOP.

It has come to my attention lately that I am in a serious, time-sucking relationship... and it's not with my boyfriend.

hand lettering that says, "Do more of the things that keep you from looking at your phone."

I just looked up a statistic that says we spend, on average, upwards of 4 hours a day on our phones. Who knows if that is accurate, but it seems reasonable when you consider that you look at your phone about 50 times a day. So, 4 hours a day is 28 hours a week. That's a part time job. That's 1,456 hours in a year - are you KIDDING ME?!

Here I was wondering why I get distracted so easily. I figured it out.

I've been having a hard time getting motivated lately, and I'm realizing I've been relying on my phone lighting up way too much. I love you, friends, but I'm usually pretty good at entertaining myself, too. I haven't been getting as much work done, or going after the things I really want to be doing. How often do you find yourself in the same situation? I've been wanting to go night skiing, and wake up early to go work out, and get a ton of projects posted on Creative Market; why has none of that happened? It's all starting to make sense.

So, here's the challenge for the week: every time you look at your phone (this includes if you just pick it up to make it light up and see if there's anything worthwhile on your lock screen) put a tally on a piece of paper or in your notes. We'll count that as 15 seconds. And if you spend a significant amount of time looking at your phone, try to document about how long. Do this for two days and see what you're working with, then try to cut it in half. I'm going to practice leaving my phone in my bag when I'm working, leaving it in the car when I go have drinks with a friend - generally just gaining a little space! See if it works for you, and see if you start picking up some new (or old) hobbies or doing things you didn't before.

Here's to a less distracted week and, hopefully, many more fulfilling ones!

Be good. Hustle hard.

xoxo, e

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