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Be Good

You may have seen me sign off from an email saying, "Be Good." Or I've said it to you in person saying goodbye. I honestly picked it up from a friend (Carrie, it's you) and it just started to come out in goodbyes. Sometimes it sounds funny when I say it, like your mom telling your adolescent self to behave, but I actually mean it as a well-wishing gesture; it means a lot of things to me wrapped up in one short and sweet parting phrase.

Hand lettered phrase in green, "Be Good"

1. Be Good: Be Well

Simply meaning, "I hope you are well." I hope life doesn't get you down and you rise above any blunders in your day. Walk out the door each day and tell yourself, "Be good." Manifest your reality and just make it a good one!

2. Be Good [To Others]

Be kind to the people you bump into - whether it's a friendly meeting or not. Treat every interaction as though the person is your closest friend and you will love them regardless. If your best friend was a jerk you would still give them leeway to have a crappy day, so as much as you can, do that for everyone you meet.

3. Be Good [to Yourself]

Go easy on yourself. Whatever chapter of your journey you're in, embrace it. I know, I'm so self-helpy sometimes, but I mean it! Be a good version of yourself. Good days start with number one (that's you) and you have to build yourself up. Go buy yourself a coffee, have ice cream for lunch - you do you, baby!

Okay you get the idea - I like it when my people are good. :) I hope you are all of these things today.

Be good. Be humble.


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