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Wander Far, Wander Wide

Wander Far & Wide lettering header and link to download

Happy Friday!

Once again, here you are reading my musings for the week. If you made it this far, thanks for following my weekly pep talk! Sometimes I feel like this is more of a self-help blog than a design blog - but it's where my head goes while I'm doing my work, so you're along for the ride... and hey, if you're just here for a free lettering piece that's okay too! ;)

If you've gotten anything out of my Freehand Friday posts, I hope it's a desire to travel, explore and try new things. 2017 has been the year of the unknown for me; I started Freehand Collective, I left my 9-5, I had no idea how I was going to make ends meet, but I'm doing it! And I'm damn proud that I jumped. If you've even had a feeling that you want to shake up your life, this is the place for you to come when you decide to do it. I feel like a cheerleader these days for all the people who want to do something new - DO IT! Here I am on the sidelines, I made the jump and trust me it's worth it. People don't naturally fall on their faces, you put your hands out. You will make ends meet, you will find a way to succeed and there are tons of people around you ready to lift you up and send you on your merry way.

I hope this year is filled with new adventures for all of you. Will you travel? Will you move? Will you start a new job? I'm excited to see what the year has in store for all of us.

Here's to you - Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Wander Far, Wander Wide


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