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The Only Thing You Need to Remember Today

A friend gave me these words of wisdom a couple weeks ago in a moment of angst and I knew then it would show up in my Freehand Friday musings at some point. What I didn’t realize is how prevalent it would become the more I thought about it.

Here it is.

I’ve been wrestling with my natural urge for change lately. I want to leave behind what I know in my day-to-day to travel and experience new culture. I want to become more socially active in our crazy political climate. I want to keep my relationship exciting and not let it start to feel monotonous. I want to shock life into my business and introduce new concepts that will keep it exciting and alive. So many ideas and directions, but which way to go first?

Call me crazy, but I think we all have seasons of life where we question things a little more and feel that itch for change and adventure. This is when we need mindfulness the most. I’m no Buddhist, but I think they were on to something about being present in your life. It’s the human condition to strive for more, need bigger, want better. The grass always seems greener. But what happens when we invest in right now? Invest in who you are in this very moment, what you have now that you didn’t have yesterday, the wherewithal that you are a growing and changing human and you’re doing pretty damn well for yourself. How often do you take stock in who you are today? If you don’t, you should. Water the grass in your own yard. Feed your soul. Enjoy the view from where you are right now. xo

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