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Give time time. 

Time is on our side.

Time heals all wounds.

Time is an illusion. 


Time is a concept that has me baffled lately. The timing of life and how we try to make it work in our favor when it’s really far beyond our control; it’s complex. Without getting totally lost in abstract thoughts, I’ve been trying to find a little clarity by just. being. very. present. 

If your mind works anything...

Yeah, YOU, stop procrastinating. And judging people. And eating junk food. And bailing on plans. And looking at your phone. And smoking cigarettes. 

But seriously, how do you kick the habits that are seriously holding you back? 

Be it business or personal life, here are a few ways to break up with your crutches and move the heck on:

Step One: Acknowledgment

Yes, this is like an AA meeting, but it’s ba...

It has come to my attention lately that I am in a serious, time-sucking relationship... and it's not with my boyfriend. 

I just looked up a statistic that says we spend, on average, upwards of 4 hours a day on our phones. Who knows if that is accurate, but it seems reasonable when you consider that you look at your phone about 50 times a day. So, 4 hours a day is 28 hours a week. That's a part...

My mind has been on one again.... I need to go get a degree in psychology or social work - I love understanding humans. We are eccentric and complex creatures! Lately, I've been mulling over this idea of "friction" between people and the energy exchanged in that contact - is it positive and empowering or does it leave you feeling raw like you didn't say what you needed to? And how do we affect one...

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