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Be Self-Aware, Be Successful

I spent quite a few hours on the road this week driving to beautiful Ridgway, CO to visit my mom and stepdad. I love it there! I always feel so recharged after a visit home.

While I drove this time, I got really into a podcast called EntreLeadership hosted by Ken Coleman. They host different entrepreneurs and business rockstars who share helpful little bits about business and life to help you be a successful human, much less, business person. I really enjoyed a few of them as I cruised along, but this one, in particular, stuck with me. Give it a listen if you have some time:

One of the things he says is, "Be responsive, not reactive." That felt extremely profound in the moment! We, as a culture, are SO reactive right now. Social media, high political tensions and lack of self-awareness have made us sensitive and quick to jump back at anyone who makes us the slightest bit uneasy. The self-awareness bit can be tricky to wrap your head around, but think about it this way: by knowing yourself (your personality, your natural tendencies, your gut reactions, etc.) and knowing that you will inevitably see life through a lens colored by those traits, you can dictate how someone perceives you -- how the world perceives you. That is such a huge benefit in the game of business! The cards are all in your hand with that knowledge. If you aren't a happy morning person definitely don't schedule an interview in the morning. If you tend to be overwhelmed by social situations, don't plan to have an important conversation in a public place. Are you seeing how crucial a solid understanding of yourself can be? And back to the responsiveness vs. reactivity - when you know your natural reaction tendencies you can keep them in check. Is it the best idea to reply instantly back to that nasty comment on your Facebook page? Maybe give it a little time.

I hope you all find some inspiration on this fine Friday. Take a minute to be self-aware and think about the kind of friend, colleague or leader you want to be. And, as usual, click on the image above to download it for free.

Be humble. Be kind.


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