Buenos días, mi amor.

Good Morning hand lettered by Elyse Schreiber

Mornings, early mornings in particular, are so good for the soul. I love waking up early just to see a pink sky and sit with my cup of coffee for a few quiet moments. For some reason I always think about the rest of the world, hours before me, sitting and doing the same thing. I hope that mother’s and father’s found a few moments of respite before a chaotic morning getting kiddos to school. I think of Muslims around the world practicing salah at dawn - what a beautiful way to greet the day. I think of baristas in Italian cafés I visited, starting their days so many hours before me welcoming their regulars with espresso and pastries. I think of my own mom, who wakes up naturally at 5am (crazy) and practices mindfulness with my stepdad every day - that’s the most present way I can think to start a day. I’m not naturally a morning person, or maybe some days I am, but I love the morning. The fall leaves are barely hanging on to their trees outside my window and they are silhouetted by a contrasting dark blue sky as the day breaks. This is peaceful. This is time to focus, time to think about who I want to be. Am I achieving goals? Am I acting as the person I want to be or someone I would admire? Mornings are time for being human, for slowly warming up to the day and finding your balance.

Cheers to your morning.


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