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Let Loose

Alright, I'm admittedly not killing it at this Freehand Friday game. I intended to send something every week, but you know what life happens. Every week, it keeps happening! With the help of a great playlist (thanks, Steven) and a little inspiration in the past week, I'm back in the game!

Let Loose hand lettering piece and free download

So, I'm heading to a wedding this weekend for a dear friend of mine, Kara (soon-to-be) Massa and I've been so pumped about it all week. It's like a mental dance party! I'm excited to be with friends and just let loose - hence the theme for this week's piece. (Psst >> Click on the image to download)

I recently went out with some friends to go dancing, something I haven't done in way too long, and we were joking about how I'm always the first one on the dance floor. Even when there is no one else dancing - you'll usually find me out there in my own world. There've been a few regrettable times that someone should have sent me home before I made it to the dance floor... but for the most part I've decided this is something I'm okay with. It's a part of me. I've spent too much of my life being this person to turn back now! A wise woman (my best friend Michelle) once told me as she sang loudly and slightly off key to her favorite song, "I'm tired of having my voice stifled; no more, this is me!" She probably didn't expect it to resurface, but here it is, and it made an impact. It doesn't matter if your voice is literally or figuratively being stifled, let it loose! Get together with friends who know and love you and be your true, unapologetic self. We all need an open dance floor and an unsuspecting audience sometimes. ;)

xoxo, E

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