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The Biggest Lie You've Been Telling Yourself

Every summer I make a mad dash to fill up my weekends with hiking and camping trips, adventures with friends, road trips, and outdoor concerts. Granted, I live in a place where "summer" is really only three months of the year, but it seems like those weekends get filled up too quickly. Before I know it, it's mid-July (hello!), the air is cooling and the afternoons are stormy, and I've only crossed-off a handful of the adventures I had planned. I think we all do this - we come out of the gates hot, with bright eyes on the horizon. This isn't just with summer plans, it's a metaphor for life. We know we're capable of GREATNESS and yet we get easily distracted on the path to it. This is where we weave that sneaky little lie into our lives --

[ I don't have time. ]

What you should be saying to yourself is, "I don't have time not to." We fill our days with work, taking care of family commitments, or whatever it is that takes the majority of your time and focus and we let the enjoyable moments go. Too often, those day to day commitments aren't the things that we're passionate about. What about hiking that trail you've been thinking about and still never done? What about a drink with an old friend? What about your dog who's been staring at you night after night when you come home from work too tired to go to the park? What about that damn adventure?! Some of these things take moments or hours - but they are moments that can be easily accumulated by just saying YES! Not tomorrow, not next weekend, now! Wake up early to go for a hike. Plan a camping trip this weekend for one night! You can commit to that, and if you don't you'll be sitting at home watching Netflix anyway (unless of course, that is your big plan, then watch the heck out of that show you've been holding out on). Start pursuing your adventures and stop saying no because you're afraid there aren't enough hours in the day. If you want the time, you will make it!

On that note, it's Friday! I'm off to camp with my girlfriends and visit one of my favorite distilleries, Deerhammer in Buena Vista. Whatever you're up to this weekend, I hope you make the most of your free hours. You have no reason not to!

As usual, here's this week's #FreehandFriday download to share with whoever you want



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