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Friday Soul Food in 3 Steps

Fridays can be tough to get through, or tough to get to -- both maybe? Sometimes I need a little reminder of why we celebrate Fridays and let go of the past week in celebration of a new one.

Here are my latest and greatest Friday pick-me-ups:

1. Wake up early. Enjoy some morning sun and take a minute to think about what you want to accomplish today. Give yourself 3 affirmations and 3 goals for the day. Once you have a clear idea of who you want to be and what you want to accomplish you can walk into your Friday feeling 100. That being said...

2. Don't put on pants for as long as possible. Haha funny Elyse, but seriously. Even if it's just while you go through your morning routine - make breakfast, check your email and drink your coffee. It's your morning (or day) so just enjoy a little time where you don't have to look like anything or be anyone else's definition - be you!

3. It's Friday, treat yo' self! Grab a donut on your way into the office, make plans to see a friend after work, leave an hour early, shoot, take a nap this afternoon! You work hard all week, which is why you're ready for this one to be done. If you need someone to give you a reason, here it is. GO TAKE CARE OF YOU!

Be good this week, friends! Thanks for following along!

And here's this week's printable, click the image to download.


Whatever is good for your soul, do that

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