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Alright, I'm admittedly not killing it at this Freehand Friday game. I intended to send something every week, but you know what life happens. Every week, it keeps happening! With the help of a great playlist (thanks, Steven) and a little inspiration in the past week, I'm back in the game!

So, I'm heading to a wedding this weekend for a dear friend of mine, Kara (soon-to-be) Massa and I've...

Every summer I make a mad dash to fill up my weekends with hiking and camping trips, adventures with friends, road trips, and outdoor concerts. Granted, I live in a place where "summer" is really only three months of the year, but it seems like those weekends get filled up too quickly. Before I know it, it's mid-July (hello!), the air is cooling and the afternoons are stormy, and I've only crossed...

Fridays can be tough to get through, or tough to get to -- both maybe? Sometimes I need a little reminder of why we celebrate Fridays and let go of the past week in celebration of a new one.

Here are my latest and greatest Friday pick-me-ups:

1. Wake up early. Enjoy some morning sun and take a minute to think about what you want to accomplish today. Give yourself 3 affirmations and 3 goals for the d...

Welcome to the inaugural Freehand Friday. Woo! Every Friday I'll be posting a free printable typography piece that you can do whatever you want with - save it, post it, print it or frame it - just throw me a little tag love. 


In the spirit of new beginnings, this week's piece is a little reminder to wake up, take a deep breath and start each day with an open mind. My dearest step father has r...

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