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My mind has been on one again.... I need to go get a degree in psychology or social work - I love understanding humans. We are eccentric and complex creatures! Lately, I've been mulling over this idea of "friction" between people and the energy exchanged in that contact - is it positive and empowering or does it leave you feeling raw like you didn't say what you needed to? And how do we affect one...

I spent quite a few hours on the road this week driving to beautiful Ridgway, CO to visit my mom and stepdad. I love it there! I always feel so recharged after a visit home. 

While I drove this time, I got really into a podcast called EntreLeadership hosted by Ken Coleman. They host different entrepreneurs and business rockstars who share helpful little bits about business and life to help you...

What a week it has been. What a month. What a year! There's a lot happening in the world right now, and on top of that, the first snow has fallen up here and that always leaves me a little melancholy. It's a funny time of year - we're all soaking up these last sunny days and the fall colors, but we live in a ski town after all, so the winter is imminent and exciting in it's own way....

Alright, I'm admittedly not killing it at this Freehand Friday game. I intended to send something every week, but you know what life happens. Every week, it keeps happening! With the help of a great playlist (thanks, Steven) and a little inspiration in the past week, I'm back in the game!

So, I'm heading to a wedding this weekend for a dear friend of mine, Kara (soon-to-be) Massa and I've...

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